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Maker's Note

Hi, I'm Abhinav. For me, APIC Blocks is a decade in the making.

12 years ago, I moved from a logistics software company to a gaming company. At the logistics company, I had written a notification manager that sent SMS, email, and in-app notifications on certain events. Surprisingly, I found myself recreating a very similar system at the gaming company.

This time, while creating the notification system, I developed it as a multi-tenant platform service capable of serving multiple games. Similarly, I also extracted scheduler as a separate service. The key realization was that these modular building blocks helped us build new games more quickly.

In every software product, there are two types of features:
1. Core features - the ones that are crucial for achieving business objectives.
2. Standard features - the ones that are important and time-consuming to build, but often have standardized functionality.

With APIC Blocks, my aim is to abstract and separate the standard features, offering them as easy-to-integrate APIs and user-friendly management dashboards.

If you have any suggestions or want to learn more about future roadmap, please don't hesitate to send me an email or talk to me.

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